Booking Rules & Reminders

Please read bookings terms and conditions below.

By completing the payment for this item you acknowledge that you have read, and agree to the terms, and information stated below. All information provided by Natasha Leath-Hamilton is strictly confidential. All information, and or guidance provided, are intended for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Natasha Leath-Hamilton d/b/a Leathal Entertainment Management LLC surrender all liability, and responsibility for any actions taken on behalf of the client(s) as a result of any/all information provided during a reading. What you choose to do with the information and/or guidance is the sole responsibility of the client(s).

Natasha Leath-Hamilton surrenders all liability for how you should choose to receive, interpret, or act upon the information provided. At no time is the information provided intended to be a replacement or substitute for medical, psychological, or financial services.

Such services should be sought out by a qualified professional, or expert.All items, readings and/or alternative services rendered are non-refundable, there will be no exceptions to this disclaimer. Such services include, but are not limited to, products, readings, deposits, courses, meditations, mentorship services, & consultations.

Natasha Leath-Hamilton reserves the right to refuse client services, or discontinue services, at any point without required reimbursement. By booking your appointment you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer in full, and are in agreement with all terms as stated above. This disclaimer cannot be altered or changed in any form.

Booking Rules & Reminders

  • Client must call Natasha at the phone and or Skype/Facebook information provided during booking. On the day of call, After 10 minutes grace period, session will automatically be rescheduled.
  • NO REFUNDS, RESCHEDULE ONLY with 24 hour notice.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after booking or any other booking conerns please email immediately.