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“I was “WOW-ed” by Tash. She is a genuine, no nonsense, clear-view phenomenon that will guide you with a wisdom and precision that is unmistakably divine. It wasn’t even 15 minutes after I spoke with her that I experienced the manifestation of what she shared with me. There is something unique about her that provides a high level of trust and assurance that is unquestionable. She is a beautiful soul dedicated to the service of others and committed to their success. Tash Leah is simply AMAZING! I’m ecstatic about working with her and you should too!” – Vallori Thomas

“My session with Tash Leath was nothing short of incredible. She told me things that helped my business grow 100%. She assisted me with some things that were blocking me personally and financially, and she also helped me with my health by giving me insight on ways to become healthier. She is absolutely amazing, and is the eighth wonder of the world!”
Todd “Donutologist” Jones

 “The confirmation that I received from Tash was the motivation I needed to complete and republish my book, Girl Talk: Leaving the Past Behind You. I now travel to different states hosting events and speaking at women’s conferences where my books are sold. I thank Tash for utilizing her spiritual gift in a way that motivates others to accomplish their dreams!” Wen Robins

“Tash Leath is a wonderful young spiritualist whose insight and awareness is used to support and advance people and their pursuit for clarity, direction and purpose. She uses her gift to guide warmly and responsibly, with honesty and care. I am grateful to Tash because she helped to reinforce my focus and passion for my marriage, career and lifelong mission to support young children and their families. Tash is a brilliant caregiver who is a gift to us all.” Bilal Polson, EdD

“When Tash is speaking with you, it is as if you are sitting down with a dear friend providing guidance and support to you over a cup of coffee.  Tash is very personable and you are immediately comfortable with her genuineness and her level of sincerity.  She was very motivational and inspirational when she was speaking to me as she provided insight to me in a way that was reassuring and wonderful.  She is also very positive but will hit you up with the truth that will simply blow you away.   She is amazing and you will be amazed when you meet with her also.” – Maura Liconte

“I had a session with Tash Leath and I was blown away by how much she was able to share with me. She not only gave me more insight as to why things were going on in my life but I came away feeling reassured that things are all unfolding as they should! She was so kind and loving; I felt like it was talking and catching up with an old friend!” – Patricia Moyano

“I can truly say that I have never met someone like Tash Leath before, in my life.  She is wise beyond her years and has a spiritual energy that can move mountains.


Since Tash and I sat down together and had an intuitive session, I have a feeling of freedom and direction that is a blessing to me.  Regarding certain areas of my life, she was spot on!  She absolutely shocked me when she revealed the importance of a literary project that was begun more than twenty years ago.  I had eventually set it aside because of personal reasons.  Tash had no knowledge of any of this.  Yet, she knew that I had stared this project, a long time ago, and that it was important for me to pick it up again and complete it.  I immediately burst into tears and was completely blown away!  I had no idea that I had such a deep emotional connection to this project.  I now see it as a spiritual assignment that I must face and complete.  I know that it will bless other and me, as well.  I thank Tash for reawakening, in me, an unfinished work that I thought I had buried a long time ago.  She uses her God-given gift to help people see their truth and to be responsible with it.  Our session was a blessing.” – Connie Stewart


Four years ago at a Midtown Starbucks on a frigid Manhattan morning I met Tash for the first time. Immersed in my computer something told me to look up. Across from me sat a bright-eyed, professional young woman with a colleague. She noticed my rings and complimented me on them. After a few minutes of small talk, we discovered many commonalities and grew to enjoy each others company very much. Tash then asked if she could ask me a few questions. “I’m sort of in-tune, spiritually,” she said.

Open to the idea of some kind of of a spiritual reading, I obliged. Recalling the next 15 minutes still gives me goosebumps. I was beginning my own business and healing from a break-up at the time. Tash asked me questions that were insightful, challenging and forced me to be brutally honest, in the most gentle, almost magical manner. I was enchanted. She shared incredibly detailed information about my personal and professional life. I was floored by how much she knew about me and my life.

Names, relationships and professional data that were impossible for her to know. How was a complete stranger able to extract such specific details about me? It was comforting, challenging and unforgettable. Tash’s gift is treasure to those who get to experience it. She effortlessly informs and motivates her friends, clients and colleagues- even strangers! I am so glad that she does because 4 years later our commonalities provided the basis for a wonderful friendship, while her open heart and spiritual mind help me immensely. Her questions, advice and deep insight still guide my choices today. – Asha Loring

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