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“Still I Thrive! 25 Lessons on How to Pivot and Evolve During an Unexpected Crises” Co-Author Tash Leath-Hamilton


Her Story

The Gifted Girlfriend

Talk to Tash is an intuitive guru. Her innate ability to understand people and see what lies beyond the surface, is widely considered a gift.

Sitting with Tash for a “Talk To Tash” is a life changing moment where she has an open and honest conversation of what is working and not working in your life.

It is her quest to help people uncover their truths by better understanding their past, present, and the possibilities of their future.

Tash believes that, too often, we hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential ….. allowing situations to block our paths without being aware of how we are hurting ourselves. Tash believes that she can make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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What People Are Saying

“She was so kind
& loving”

“I had a session with Tash and I was blown away by how much she was able to share with me. She not only gave me more insight as to why things were going on in my life but I came away feeling reassured that things are all unfolding as they should! She was so kind and loving; I felt like it was talking and catching up with an old friend!”

– Patricia Moyano

“Leaving the
Past Behind You”

“The confirmation that I received from Tash was the motivation I needed to complete and republish my book, Girl Talk: Leaving the Past Behind You. I now travel to different states hosting events and speaking at women’s conferences where my books are sold. I thank Tash for utilizing her spiritual gift in a way that motivates others to accomplish their dreams!”

– Wen Robins

“She helped me
with my health”

“My session with Tash was nothing short of incredible. She told me things that helped my business grow 100%. She assisted me with some things that were blocking me personally and financially, and she also helped me with my health by giving me insight on ways to become healthier. She is absolutely amazing, and is the eighth wonder of the world!”

-Todd “Donutologist” Jones

“She uses her gift to guide warmly and responsibly”

“Tash is a wonderful young spiritualist whose insight and awareness is used to support and advance people and their pursuit for clarity, direction and purpose. She uses her gift to guide warmly and responsibly, with honesty and care. I am grateful to Tash because she helped to reinforce my focus and passion for my marriage, career and lifelong mission to support young children and their families. Tash is a brilliant caregiver who is a gift to us all.”

– Bilal Polson, EdD

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